Industries that we help

With an extensive portfolio of services, we are poised to support a wide array of industries across the UK. Our offerings encompass expansion joints, footbridges, bridge deck and structural waterproofing, anti-slip coatings, and concrete repairs, each designed to cater to the specific needs of various sectors.

Shopping Centres

In the bustling environment of shopping centres, where high foot traffic necessitates robust and safe infrastructure, our services come to the fore. From the repair of concrete walkways to the installation of anti-slip coatings for enhanced safety, we provide tailored solutions to ensure the smooth operations of these commercial spaces.


The aviation industry, with its demanding standards for safety and durability, benefits from our expertise in expansion joints and structural waterproofing. Airports, often characterised by sprawling structures, require these services to maintain their expansive buildings, runways, and hangars.

Local & Nationwide Highways

Moreover, our proficiency extends to facilitating both local and nationwide highways, as well as councils and authorities. Our footbridge services, structural waterproofing, and concrete repairs help in the upkeep of roads, ensuring they remain safe and operational for daily commuters and long-distance travellers alike.

Government Procurements

Government procurement agencies, constantly in need of reliable and efficient infrastructure services, can depend on us for quality and timely deliverables. We are equally adept at providing for the needs of property asset management companies, offering our expertise to maintain and enhance the value of their properties.

Railway Industry

In the rail industry, our services become vital to maintaining track-side infrastructure and buildings, ensuring the safety of passengers and the smooth functioning of railway services. Water treatment plants, too, rely on our structural waterproofing and concrete repair services, aiding in the protection of essential infrastructure against water damage and erosion.


In the healthcare sector, hospitals can utilise our services for the upkeep of their premises, ensuring a safe environment for patients and staff. Our anti-slip coatings and concrete repairs, among other services, contribute to the everyday smooth running of these critical facilities.

Facility Management Companies

Facility Management companies have become a particular focus for our services in recent years. Our comprehensive range of services allows these companies to maintain the safety, performance, and aesthetics of commercial buildings with relative ease. We are particularly experienced in managing medium-to-large-sized projects for facility management companies, ensuring that their clients’ premises are managed effectively and efficiently.