AlgaFlex TX Series

Rubber Expansion Joints’

General Features

The Algaflex TX are waterproof expansion joints that allow absorption of the deck movements. This joints are manufactured with rubber elements and are restrained to the structure with proper anchor bolts. The reinforcing metal profiles made of steel are completely inserted and vulcanised to the rubber. This process is a total guarantee against corrosion and allows a longer life to the product. The rubber compound, too, has been intentionally formulated to resist the oil, grease, petrol, salt and sand, without besides, suffering premature ageing phenomena due to sun rays, salt and snow. All the joints follow the deformations and movements of the structures (the movement can exist with every skew angle from 0° to 90°) by shear deformation of the rubber elements. Anchor bolts, made of steel and protected with anticorrosion treatments, absorb the elastic reactions and all the other kind of mechanical solicitations. The joints are also able to compensate height differences or vertical movements. This characteristic is very important in all the cases where load and movement conditions can cause relative vertical movements. Each kind of joint may be combined with aluminium or rubber kerb units or sidewalk joints. The joint series is manufactured by Alga since 1978.

Stainless steel anchors may be provided on request. In that way the horizontal forces, due to braking of vehicles and to the reaction that rubber opposes to the joint deformations (shrinkage, fluage, thermal variations etc.), are transmitted by friction between the rubber and the concrete. The joints can be assembled on a metallic infrastructure. The joints of bigger movements with four upper grooves are manufactured in order to prevent the lifting of the elements during the contraction. These devices guarantee the adhesion of the elements to the structure and the noiseless of the traffic.

Main advantages

Simple and linear design with few elements | Low height of the profile | Total impermeable | Easy assembling either on concrete bridges or on steel bridges | No box out requested in the concrete structure | Suitable for the replacement of existing joints | Easy and quick to be replaced | Good resistance to vehicles sliding | Vertical movements absorption.

The joints are supplied in variable length elements depending to the joint type. A joint line consists in fact of many units joined together with a groove-and-tongue junction welded with special glue. The joints fixing is obtained by chemical anchors; the nuts are locked using a dynamometric key so that permanent compression strength is given to the joint.

Gap covering with continuous vulcanized expansion joint:

Gap covering with aluminium or steel