Armour Joint

Asphaltic Plug Joint System for Bridges
HA approved, flexible, waterproof, hot applied, in-situ constructed expansion joint system. Accommodating movements up to ±25mm, used across the full depth of the bridge deck and forms an integral part of the bridge deck surface ensuring good ride quality.
Extends down to structural concrete deck and develops a strong bond to concrete as well as the adjacent asphalt. A high friction finish can be applied. The system is resistant to plastic flow at surface temperatures of 50°c.



Car Park Decks


  • HA approved
  • Width 500-750mm
  • Depth 40-100mm
  • High traffic capacity
  • Quick & easy application
  • Low surface noise
  • Excellent ride quality
  • For use across full depth of deck
  • Flexible & waterproof
  • Copes with multi-directional movements