Multi Storey Car Parks are generally of lightweight construction with minimum thickness of deck and subject to high loading and surface stresses.

They feel the full force of daily and seasonal temperature variations, also suffering from water and pollution intake from the roof and sides, not to mention pollution from vehicles. This hostile environment makes them prone to attack from cracking, chlorides and carbonation, so effective protective systems should be a primary factor for any car park.

On existing car parks, inadequate systems are plain to see. Visual deterioration is often the first sign of decay, by which stage the corrosive processes may be well underway. Failure to act at this stage will only intensify the problems requiring more extensive and costly repairs in the future. The most appropriate maintenance, protection and refurbishment strategy needs to be established quickly and implemented effectively.

Vision Specialist Contracting Limited are able to utilise extensive experience in the provision of specialist protection and repair solutions in order to protect and extend the life of your Multi Storey.