NFU Lakehouse – Stratford Upon Avon

The existing surface mounted expansion joint was causing issues to the car park below allowing water passing through and damaging the structure below. Vision SC proposed removal of the existing expansion joint, formation of a new recess complete with a watertight membrane and robust JNA52 expansion joint. Elastomeric nosing’s were installed then covered with new waterproof coatings

The application

After design approval and PI approval Vision Specialist Contracting Ltd. applied the system swiftly to each of the decks, ensuring the programme of works stayed on schedule, avoiding disruption to the client, achieving a lightweight and effective, long lasting waterproofing and surfacing solution.

The designed systems were installed as per their manufactured guidelines under a close QA inspection by our client.

All phases were closely managed to ensure minimum disruption and minimal time for a bay to be out of use.


Vision Specialist Contracting Ltd. have designed and installed a solution to our clients’ problem, removing the issues caused from standing water to the new vehicles being stored to these areas.

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