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CSSW contractors have advanced training in assessing and fixing all types of building water infiltration issues. If your building struggles with water leaks, hiring a Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) ensures accurate troubleshooting and reliable solutions. At Vision Specialist Contracting, we have multiple CSSW’s in our team, to ensure standards compliance for your project.

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CSSW Qualified Surveyors

CSSW’s Support Building Envelope Durability

In large existing buildings, unwanted moisture from outside can seep through foundations, walls, roofs and openings. Resulting leaks enable erosion, freeze damage and material rot compromising structural integrity. However, accurately finding and sealing at-risk areas is far from easy.

CSSWs give commercial builders, repair contractors and property managers advanced on-site testing paired with investigative skills to chase water seepage visible or hidden. This prevents assumptions allowing more degradation. They supply accurate priority setting of problems, detailed improvement suggestions, and oversight ensuring installers follow specifications.


We are proud to be an approved contractor of organisations such as:

Comprehensive Leak Investigations

When a CSSW professional surveys a property, they provide an accurate assessment of any water infiltration issues and the root causes behind them. Their report will include a full conditions survey, highlighting areas of immediate and potential water damage, as well as recommendations for waterproofing repairs, replacements or installations needed to protect your building.

In particular, a CSSW surveyor can identify:

Using CSS For Confidence Converting Basements

Converting basements instantly makes usable space in our homes. Yet with basements being mainly underground, immense water pressures mean major vulnerability to flooding.

With so many complex products and methods out there nowadays, inadequately or wrongly waterproofed basements risk major flooding issues, poor health conditions, or cancelling a home’s structural guarantee.

That’s why we recommend CSSW-guided plans. A CSSW-qualified inspector offers thorough preparation in below-ground waterproofing plus standards-following so owners gain assurance of reliable systems before sizable construction.

Trust Our CSSW Team for Expert Waterproofing Solutions

Our CSSW-certified specialists possess advanced training in assessing and fixing building water infiltration issues. We can identify problems, specify solutions, outline technical details, and define testing procedures.

Most importantly, we prioritise repairs for immediate issues and prevention to maximise your building’s long-term durability.

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