For MSCPs, Parking Decks & Pedestrian Areas

The provision of user-friendly, safe and aesthetically pleasing parking is becoming an increasingly important factor in the success of any commercial development. However, the Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP) is a unique building with a range of specific requirements that need to be addressed.

Decseal® is a dual function waterproof wearing course system designed to meet the needs of MSCPs, decks and ramps, protecting the deck structures whilst increasing aspects of safety and aesthetics.

Areas of Application

Decseal® is a liquid applied, rapid cure system based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resins. The system is designed to protect structures from water and chloride penetration and corrosion whilst providing slip resistant properties in a variety of applications including:

  • Multi Storey Car Parks (MSCPs)
  • Elevated Car Park Decks
  • Pedestrian Area Delineation

System Components

The system comprises a tough, impermeable waterproofing membrane and a fully compatible, durable slip resistant surface finish available in a range of decorative colours.

Benefits to Owners/Specifiers

The Decseal® system offers distinct advantages to owners and specifiers alike:

  • 100% effective waterproofing based on the world-leading Eliminator® membrane.
  • Excellent abrasion/chemical resistance.
  • Durable slip resistant surface.

Benefits to Engineers

Difficult detailing and expensive waterproofing failures are eradicated using Decseal ®:

  • Lightweight waterproofing wear course composite.
  • Simple detailing – no fillets, chamfers, chases or complex penetration details.
  • Unique Quality (QA) Programme from manufacture through to application.

Benefits to Contractors

Application ease and speed, fast cure and weather tolerance are just some of the reasons for choosing Decseal ®:

  • Rapid cure, even at low temperatures.
  • Trafficable within 1 hour of application.
  • Fast track and weather tolerant application when compared to PU and Epoxy systems.

Generic Benefits

MMA Technology provides unrivalled and bond strength and resistance to wear, salts, fuels and oils.