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With more than 50 years of experience in civil engineering, Vision Specialist Contracting specialises in providing high-quality expansion joints. These are essential for managing movement in critical infrastructure, and ensuring the structural integrity of buildings and constructions over time. We offer a range of high-performance solutions, each designed for specific applications:

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Zenflex J-Series

Zenflex J-Series is the epitome of exceptional joint design. Celebrated for its adaptability, resilience, and unrivalled performance, it’s an ideal fit for structures demanding high flexibility and robustness against environmental factors. Our skilled team of expansion joint specialists in London and Essex ensures that your Zenflex J-Series joints are expertly installed and maintained, fostering the seamless operation of your infrastructure.


Quickseal expansion joints, known for their rapid installation and immediate usability, offer unrivalled resistance to chemicals, water, and abrasion. As your trusted expansion joint contractors in Southend, we guarantee the quick and proficient installation of Quickseal joints, enriching the functionality of your structures with zero delays.


Uniflex expansion joints are commended for their extraordinary flexibility and durability. These joints are perfect for structures that undergo significant movement or temperature changes. Our Essex-based team excels in deploying Uniflex joints, ensuring they perform optimally while preserving the structural integrity of your facilities.

500 Series

For heavy-duty applications, the 500 Series expansion joints offer unparalleled durability and strength. Capable of withstanding extreme loads and temperature fluctuations, these joints promise lasting reliability. Our expansion joint specialists in London are proficient in installing and maintaining 500 Series joints, guaranteeing their top-tier function and durability.


The EMR Expansion Joint System is a mechanical marvel, with a central elastomeric seal inserted into two steel carrier rails. This surface mounted solution excels in cost-effectiveness and has a broad range of applications. Our technicians’ extensive training ensures professional installation and maintenance.


Asphaltic Plug Joints (APJs) are a type of bridge expansion joint that serve as a simple, all-purpose expansion device for bridges. The joint is made up of an asphalt concrete plug and a rubber sealant. Our professional team has extensive experience in installing and maintaining APJ systems, ensuring their safe operation.


The Doshin rubber bridge expansion joint comprises of a steel angle and bridging plate system, enclosed in a flexible elastomer. It sustains up to 330mm of loads and movements without harming the surface or supporting structure, and also provides excellent riding quality.

Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer a variety of expansion joint services, including installation, repair, and maintenance of Zenflex J-Series, Quickseal, Uniflex, and 500 Series joints. Whether you need support for a new project or ongoing maintenance for an existing one, Vision Specialist Contracting is your trusted partner in Colchester.

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At Vision Specialist Contracting, we focus on delivering a high degree of versatility with dynamic solutions. Rest assured, our work is customised to meet your unique needs and conditions.

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Buried Highway Joints

Sentinel B Type 1 joints feature a reinforced elastomeric central membrane that integrates seamlessly with Eliminator waterproofing. This synergy ensures full waterproofing capabilities while accommodating a movement range of 5–20mm.

Trusted for decades on highways nationwide, our integrated expansion joint and waterproofing system promises safety, longevity, and exceptional value for money.

Multi-use Car Park and Bridge Joints

For multi-use applications like car park decks and highway overpass bridges, our Uniflex joints are designed to handle dynamic structural shifts, temperature changes, and continuous heavy loads over decades, with minimal maintenance required.

Cost-Effective Highway Joint Solutions

Armour Joint expansion solutions offer cost-effectiveness for highway applications—including overpasses, bridges, road surfaces, and parking structures—while delivering top-tier performance:

Commercial and Heavy-Traffic Solutions

We also provide Zenflex J-Series expansion joints and Quickseal joint sealant ideal for commercial applications. Zenflex is flexible and waterproof, ensuring reliable performance in heavy traffic and harsh environmental conditions. Quickseal is a fast-curing, highly adhesive joint sealant that offers long-lasting seals, with waterproof properties and resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

Contact Vision Specialist Contracting for expert advice on expansion joints for your projects. We’ll review your project requirements and provide tailored expansion joint recommendations. Our services include custom design, installation, and maintenance advice.

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