For Water & Waste Water/Petrochemicals/Radioactive Waste

Integritank® high performance tanking and lining system is a seamless, fully bonded, cold spray applied Structural Waterproofing system that cures rapidly to form an exceptionally tough, 100% effective waterproof membrane.

Developed using Stirling Lloyd’s proven MMA technology the system an ideal large scale tanking membrane for water and waste water applications.

Areas of Application

Application can exceed 2,000m² per day, on a wide range of project types:

  • Water Treatment Tanks
  • Desalination Tanks
  • Storage Tanks for Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals
  • Storage Tanks for Chemicals and Liquids
  • Silos
  • Low Level Radioactive Waste Storage

System Components

Integritank® is a liquid applied, fully reactive, elastomeric membrane based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resins that cure rapidly to provide a tough impermeable waterproof membrane.

Benefits to Owners/Specifiers

The Integritank® system offers distinct advantages to owners and specifiers alike:

  • 100% effective protection provided by our MMA Technology.
  • Unparalleled globals track record spanning over 25 years with no recorded failures.
  • Long and effective service life. Easily repaired at any stage in the future.

Benefits to Engineers

Difficult detailing and expensive waterproofing failures are eradicated using Integritank®:

  • Chemically curing seamless MMA membrane with no vulnerable joint.s
  • Can be applied to horizonal, vertical and overhead areas.
  • Unique Quality Assurance (QA) Programme from manufacture throught to application.

Benefits to Contractors

Application ease and speed, fast cure and weather tolerance are just some of the reasons for choosing Integritank®:

  • Rapid, cold spray applied application. In excess of 2000m2/day.
  • Simple detailing – no fillets, chamfers, chasesor complex penetration details.
  • Fast track and weather tolerant application. Can be applied to 7-14 day old concrete.

Quality Assurance

The Integritank® system is backed by Stirling Lloyd’s unique Quality Assurance Programme and on-site technical support.