For Waste Water & Liquid Containment Structures

Permare® EP is a two component, seamless liquid system which combines the features of both epoxies and polysulphides to produce coatings with outstanding physical properties.

The material cures to produce a tough, flexible coating especially suited to applications where abrasion and chemical resistance are required.

Areas of Application

A membrane to retain, exclude or protect from water, oils, fuels and many aggressive chemicals in the following applications:

  • Storage Tanks
  • Silos
  • Silage Units
  • Bund Linings for Groundwater Protection
  • Internal Lining of Sewerage Tankers
  • Sewage & Sludge Tanks
  • Sewage Manholes

System Components

Permare® EP is a two component, seamless liquid system, applied by spray, brush, roller or squeegee.

Benefits to Owners/Specifiers

The Permare® EP system offers distinct advantages to owners and specifiers alike:

  • Resistant to waste water, chemical and mineral pollutants.
  • Excellent weathering and UV resistance.
  • Excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance.

Benefits to Engineers

Difficult detailing and expensive waterproofing failures are eradicated using Permare® EP :

  • Seamless liquid applied membrane with low gas permeability.
  • High bond strength to a variety or substances.
  • Unique on-site Quality Assurance (QA) Programme from manufacture through to application.

Benefits to Contractors

Application simplicity and safety in confined areas make Permare® EP an ideal choice for liquid containment:

  • Two component colour coded system for on-side homogenous mix.
  • Liquid membrane accommodated difficult shapes and profiles.
  • Solvent free and easy to apply in confined areas.

Quality Assurance

The Permare® EP system is backed by Stirling Lloyd’s unique Quality Assurance Programme and on-site technical support.