Permatrack H

Heavy Duty Highway Bridge Expansion Joint

Permatrack H heavy duty highway bridge expansion joint is a structurally enhanced movement joint that can be used to replace low movement asphaltic plug type systems which may have become distorted through heavy slow moving vehicles, or have suffered irreversible damage through overloading.

Permatrack expansion joint system is a Highways Agency Registered Product (No. 028 – Dated 22/08/2002) and can be installed at any depth or width to accommodate localised road surface deterioration, which otherwise would have to be replaced using a more expensive system of jointing.

Features and Benefits

  • Highways Agency Registered Product (No. 028 – Dated 22/08/2002)
  • Unlimited joint width and depth
  • Versatile/waterproof road expansion joint repair system
  • Rapid installation – reducing delays on site and inconvenience to road users
  • Long term durability – even in heavily trafficked road conditions
  • Cost effective installation
  • Surface finishes to match a variety of road types and skid resistance requirements
  • High bond strength to substrate
  • Accommodates differential movement

Permatrack Highway Repair Systems

Permatrack road surfacing repair system is a technically advanced polymer modified asphalt, comprising Permatrack PSB, a flexible waterproofing layer and Permatrack H, a high modulus surface course. Stone chippings are applied to the Permatrack H during installation to match the adjacent highway surface and meet the highest skid resistance specifications. The Permatrack inlaid crack repair system is covered by BBA HAPAS certificate 02/H072.

The Permatrack system is rapidly installed, minimising disruption and inconvenience to road users, and providing a cost effective, long-term solution to highway crack maintenance. Permatrack can also be used for a wide variety of road repair purposes, including transitional joints – where railway lines are set within road surfacing, expansion joint details and for the reinstatement of street iron works and shoulders.