For Movements 5mm – 150mm 

The Sentinel® EMR Expansion Joint system is a Type 6 surface, mounted mechanical system that incorporates a central elastomeric seal inserted into two steel carrier rails. The carrier rails have special sinusoidal shaped reinforcements welded to the rear face, which lock the carrier rails into the Sentinel® Nosing Mortar.

The expansion joint requires no mechanical fixing to the substrate.

Benefits of Sentinel® EMR

  • Rapid installation
  • No mechanical fixings
  • Can be installed on to both concrete and steel substrates
  • Can be installed one lane at a time
  • Suitable for expansion joint replacement or new build works
  • Accepts horizontal and vertical movement. Allows horizontal movement up to 150mm
  • Load bearing multi-chambered seals
  • Installed to the as built geometry of the structure
  • Can be supplied with an in-joint drainage system and secondary membrane for full waterproofing
  • Installed only by authorised and trained contractors

System Components

Sentinel® EMR combines established joint geometry with proven materials to provide a high performance, maintenance free highway bridge joint system.

Widest Range of Movements

A range of 5 seal sizes provides the widest possible range of movements from an EMR joint.