For Movements 5mm – 40mm 

The Sentinel® NJ expansion joint has been developed as a moderate movement expansion joint system for highway bridges, footbridges, car parks and building applications.

Eliminator® + Sentinel®

The Eliminator® Bridge Deck Waterproofing membrane and the Sentinel® NJ Expansion Joint system provide complete compatibility to deliver a total bridge deck waterproofing solution.

Benefits of Sentinel® NJ

  • Rapid installation
  • No mechanical fixings
  • Can be installed one lane at a time
  • Resists deformation from traffic load
  • Installed to the ‘as build’ geometry of the structure
  • Accepts horizontal and vertical movement
  • Waterproof
  • Installed only by authorised and trained contractors

System Components

The Sentinel® NJ Nosing Joint system is a Type 4 surface mounted expansion joint, comprising a central preformed load bearing compression seal, bonded between elastomeric nosings.