We’ve worked with many clients, both big and small over the years, and we’ve received some very positive feedback. Below is a selection of our testimonials.

Canary Wharf Management Ltd

  • We have used Vision on 3 separate carriageway expansion joints and on everyone the attitude of your staff has been first class in sometimes challenging circumstances. The Contracts Manager leadership onsite is something I’ve not seen before, the guys obviously respect and listen to him and in return they have pushed the finish of the works to the next level – it may seem silly to comment on the looks of a carriageway expansion joint but the South Ramp genuinely looks like a piece of art, the finish is first class and this is purely down to the CM and his guys coming up with new ways of applying the resin nosing mortar. This sort of innovation makes a difference to us.
  • Part of what made the works easier is the time the Contracts Manager puts into the organisation beforehand. The CM is the first sub-contractor I’ve worked with who has taken the time to learn our e-permits system and upload his RAMS and permits correctly. He has also visited site with the other contractors and even ‘facetimed’ us whilst on a course (sorry!) to make sure everything needed in the planning stage was captured. He gets the importance of preplanning and it makes everything so much smoother on the day.
  • The execution of this job from start to finish has been one of the best pieces of work carried out in my five years at Canary Wharf and I cannot stress enough how critical the timeframe is on these jobs, we are closing one of a few routes onto (and off) the estate and should this not be ready to open up at 5am on Monday morning it is an understatement that I would have some serious questions to answer – Long may it continue!